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STEP 1 : Adaptors.

In STEP 1, you will install some adaptors, to allow the fit up of the X-System.

FOR GL1800 only, for F6B see below on this page !

1/ In STEP 0, you removed the black holder plate. You will need the both windscreen tabs (attached with a rivet to both ends of the holder plate). You have to remove them from the holder plate.


Put the holder plate in a vise and drill away both rivets holding both windscreen tabs (left and right). Drilling away the grommets releases the larger center part of the holder plate from the windscreen tabs.
With your ErgoMot X Screen, you do not need the long centerpart of the holder plate, just the freed up retention brackets.
TIP : DO NOT reinstall the center part of the holder plate with the ErgoMot X Screen.

Both images above should give you an idea how to remove the both windscreen tabs : YES, with a drill !
TIP : Take care to note down (with a permanent marker) on the TABS to which side they belonged, LEFT OR RIGHT, so that you cannot reverse the position.

Reattach both holder plate retention brackets using the original rubber washers, nuts and bolts to the nose cone. You will re-install the nose cone later, once you complete the rest of the installation.
Well done, this was one of the most difficult things to do !
Only for GL1800, NOT for F6B, for F6B see below on this page ...
2/ Find the bag with label : STEP 1 and the right tools for it.

With long nose pliers, remove the retraction holders left and right (they are attached to the both retention handles in the cockpit and were used to secure the original screen. You have to spread the clips apart to remove the holders.


Once removed, replace the original bolt and replace with the supplied M6 x 50 mm and 7.5 mm white nylon spacer; re-use the original nut. They are now 7,5 mm LONGER. This will allow the screen to be moved some millimeters to the front.
Reinstall using to original position on the motorcycle. This will allow the nose cone to be secured with the retention brackets (previously removed from the retention holder) to account for the new rail system and hardware without binding against the windscreen.
Great ! You did it ! Congratulations ! Well done, this was the most difficult things to do ! From now on, it's a 'piece of cake' :-)
3/ ONLY FOR GL1800, NOT FOR F6B : Insert the holder brackets for the outer rails, underneath the front skin, from the left and right side so that the connection holes can be seen. You may have to release some tension on the plastic skin by loosening the screws holding the skin to the front of the motorcycle in order to slide it in.

Carefully slide it in and try to position the holder plate so that you can reach both holes with a bolt.

ATTENTION : the thin end comes to the outer position. The cut out should face upwards.

Of course, this has to be done from both side ...

At the inner end of both holder plate, use the M4 x 16 bolt with a 20 mm washer to secure that end of the holder plate in the recessed area.


FOR F6B , NOT FOR GL1800 :

Insert the special F6B rectangular holder plate. Temporary secure it with self adhesive tape (the orange tape in the picture above)

The F6B has NO holder plate and no retention levers nor tabs. On the F6B, you have to cut out the both sides of the nose cone, as shown in the pictures.

Once the nose cone has been cut out, you can reinsert it and adjust to the new desired distances. AFTER installation of the complete X-Screen system + windshield : slide the cut out tab tab between the existing bolts and grommets which you see in the picture below.

adjust the nose cone, so that the rubber touches the windshield, but does not prevent it in sliding up and down. Than : fasten the bolts again.

End of STEP 1

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