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STEP 3 : inner rails.

In STEP 3, you will install both inner rails.

Find bag STEP 3 and the tools you need.

TIP : remove carefully the yellow painters tape before installation.

The rubber washers and nylon spacers are already installed around the bolts. They are all needed. Install the rails 'as is', with rubber washers around.

START BY REMOVING THE 6 BOLTS where the inner rails will fit.

Of course, left and right ...

TIP : turn the 3 bolts alternately, do not try to get one in fully before doing the 2 other bolts.

HOW STRONG ? easy : the rails should touch the Goldwing's plastic from top to bottom. Do NOT over tighten the bolts, that may bent the rail, which will give poor performance afterwards. Just screw untill the rail touches the plastic over the full lenght.

ONCE ALL 4 rails (2 outer, 2 inner) are installed :

Use a caliper or other measuring device and measure the distance between all 4 the rails, on top and at the bottom.
THERE SHOULD NOT BE MORE THAN 1 mm difference in distance between the rails on top and at the bottom.
Carefully slide the rails a bit left and right until they are perfectly PARALLEL to each other.
Take your time, this is important.

Take care to ensure proper alignment. “Parallesism” is key.

If needed, release the bolts a little and slide the rails left and right, to get the proper alignment.When perfectly PARALLEL, fasten the bolts again as before, the rail touching the plastic behind over the full lenght, but not too strong, DO NOT FORCE THE RAIL TO BENT !!!

End of STEP 3.

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