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What material is it ?

ErgoMot X-Screens are produced using "SU", a nanostructured acrylic sheet, with the strength of polycabonate.

This material is “meshed” and structured at the scale of a billionth of a metre to maximize its properties. The result: a light, safe, breakproof windshield, combining strength and transparency no matter what the temperature.

SU is not only shock resistant and breakproof, but also resistant to UV and chemicals and aggressive agents such as alcohol or other cleaning products.
SU has exceptional optical properties, superior to that of glass. These properties have lead it to become the material of choice across numerous industries, from the automotive industry to construction.
SU combines two components : PMMA and Elastomer, structured at the nanoscale, allowing for complete transparency while optimizing other properties such as mechanical and chemical resistance.

Like a knitted mesh, the X-Screens are organised in an invisible particular pattern that repeats itself infinitely, giving it fully mastered properties and improved performance.

How fast can I drive it?

All versions have been tested (on German highway) up to 200 km / hour.

What is the influence of weather?

All models are tested in all weather conditions, extreme heat, cold, rain and storm. The functionality remains intact in all circumstances.

I'm pretty small, am I going to be able to look over, or do I always look through?

If you can already look over your screen now, it's the same thing with the EroMot X Screen. If you now look through your window at the lowest setting, then it is best to buy the SHORT version (5 cm lower than normal).

There is also a LONG version, 5 cm (2 inches) higher than the standard.

This windshield, is it thoroughly tested?

Yes. We drove several prototypes on many Goldwings. The first prototypes were not stable enough, could not have high speed, making whistling noises, or were rattling. By continuing to refine, we developed over two year experiment the stable product.

It is easy to install?

Yes. With the detailed installation manual, if you are a bit "handy" you could do it in about 2 - 3 hrs time.

Is it safe, using the ErgoMot X Screen?

The operation is done with the left hand. The material of your window resembles the original material that Honda uses itself.  Please note: You use the window at your own risk! Never operate the window while performing maneuvers.

Do I get guarantee?

We give one year warranty on all parts of the ErgoMot X Screen, except for the electric motors (3 months) which have to be replaced each 10.000 kilometers or at least once a year. Full details can be found in our webshop at this link.

Can I become a dealer?

Yes, full details can be found at this link.