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Do you want to buy ?

First, have a look on our DEALER page. If there is  a distributor or dealer in your country, contact them for correct pricing.

Pricing at dealers or distributors may even be lower than from us. We always count the MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price)

If you do not want to buy from that dealer, or there is non of our international dealers close to you, you can use the shop below.

Pricing is different in Europe and the rest of the world. This due to different sales tax, different shipping and different import/export regulations.

Correct pricing, INcluding sales tax, can only be calculated once you are logged in (and we now your address) ATTENTION : when NOT logged in, pricing will be WITHOUT tax nor shipping.


General :

All our X-Systems have a detailed installation instruction.  We do NOT ship paper manuals to reduce the weight of the parcel.

The detailed installation instruction are on this website under 'Installation' in the top menu. You may find OLD installation videos on the internet and youtube, THEY ARE NO LONGER VALID, as current version 2 has a simplified installation (no more drilling in your Wing).

If you are handy,  you can install it yourself in about  90 minutes.

Do not hesitate to ask any question you want before ordering ! We want to help you, we only want happy customers ! Use the contact form !




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