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Do you have a ErgoMot X-System (Set or Kit) installed on your GL1800 ? Send us an e-mail with your testimonial about our product. we will publish, in the language you send it. Thanks !


I had the new Ergomot electric windshield installed by Paul Binon at the Bike MP3 booth while I was at Wing Ding, and I got a good chance to test it out on the trip home, which included about 150 miles in some torrential rain.

I can't tell you how impressed I am with this thing. It literally saved my bacon going through Chattanooga in the rain. I was able to easily lower the windshield when the rain got heavy so I could look over it, and then raise it back up when the rain subsided some. The system is extremely well engineered, and uses four tracks to guide the windscreen, and two linear actuators. They have literally thought of everything, and have even included two memory locations that you can program in so that you can just hit the button and have it go to your favorite settings.

Being able to adjust the windshield height on the fly means that I can fine tune the position of it to minimize buffeting based on my current speed and wind conditions. I found several times on the way home that just a change of a few millimeter in one direction would make a huge difference in wind noise and buffeting, and the height that the windshield was quietest in would change based on wind direction and the speed I was traveling. So there really isn't one perfect setting that works best in all circumstance.

I also found that at higher speeds I could raise the windscreen all the way up and get a really quiet ride, but when I got into town I could lower it back down so I could look over it, and get some cooling air flow.

You just don't realize how big of an advantage it is to be able to adjust the windshield on the fly until you try it. The windshield itself is also extremely tough, and is a much better quality than the OEM shield. It also has a cut out for the OEM vent, so you don't loose any functionality. This has been one of the best items I added to my bike, and I'm real happy with it.

I added a photo gallery showing some of the internals of the mechanism in different positions here -->

They also have a good video of it on YouTube.

Fred Harmon, USA


“It’s about time someone got it right.  The ErgoMot brings quality, increased comfort, and convenience to the GL1800 by filling the need for an electronically adjustable windshield that looks stealth.”

Greg, Reston, Virginia, USA.

I have just over 400 miles on the Xscreen..  My friend, you are to be congratulated!  The design and effectiveness of this system is phenominal..  I can think of other superlatives but Phenominal just about describes it perfectly.

The effect in the cockpit is stunning to my mind, nothing flaps around and the still air at the back of the screen is VERY much appreciated on my 22f rides into the office during this New England winter mornings.. I can ride visor up and even have tried no glasses on these cold mornings..  What a difference..  This week I forgot my evening (night) glasses and was able to ride home, in the rain and no visor..  Wind made no difference here and the screen was perfectly see thru.  I appreciated the ability to raise and lower
the screen and the lowered version made quite a mark when I needed to see over it during a rain storm coming home one night..   At 4:30 pm around here is like the arctic night...Black and cold, being able to have the protection of the screen and the visibility to actually see where I was pointing the bike was awesome...  I love it!

Steve, Bethel, Connecticut, USA.

Wat een fantastisch scherm!

En wat een luxe is de verstelbaarheid. De turbulenties zijn verdwenen en de
windbelasting op de schouders is weg, zelfs bij 120 km/ h.

Hartelijk dank nogmaals!

Michel, Kallo, Antwerpen, België.

I think you prefer reading English than French, so...

I rode safe to Paris, and came home about 23:00. The big screen is perfect, and I must admit it better protects from the wind than the preceding one. I indeed can listen to the radio in the headset with the volume set at 16, although I had to pop up the volume to 22 before.

Thank you very much for installing this electric windscreen, and for your warm welcome.

Fred, Paris, France.

je hebt prachtig werk geleverd man het is een byjoeke om mee te rijden.
doe zo verder het is zeker zijn geld waard,dank u.

Rudy, Moorsele, België.

Das ist wirklich nicht so mal eben einen schnellen Entwurf. Wirklich tolle Arbeit :-)

Endlich kann ich die Scheibe hoch und runterfahren wenn ich es gerne haben möchte. Es ist nicht nur Komfortabel, es tragt bestimmt auch bei an die Sicherheit und das Vertrauen unterwegs.

JohanVP, Deutschland.


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