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STEP 0 : Prepare for installation.

The following steps should be followed to prepare for your installation of X-Screen Version 2:

ATTENTION: For optimal life cycle of the motors on your ErgoMot X Screen, DO NOT adjust screen while driving at speeds above 120 kph or 75 mph as this might put undue stress on the motors while wind pressure restricts movement.


BEFORE YOU BEGIN : inspect the new windshield and all associated hardware. If the shield is NOT OK, or if parts are missing, DO NOT CONTINUE, contact your dealer first.

Once installed, we do NOT take any responsibility for scratches, missing pieces etc. Parts having been installed cannot be replaced in warranty.

Due the method of production, we allow 5 minor issues with each shield, if not in the area where you will look through while driving.

After preparation (removal of existing windscreen), your GL1800 will look like this. Different years may look a little different, but our electric X-Systems fits all GL1800, from 2001 till 2017.

1/ Secure your Goldwing on the center stand. This will allow you to perform the removal, installation, and reinstallation steps necessary and to test operations.

2/ Following the Goldwing Service Manual instructions, remove the front nose cone.  This involves rotating forward the side view mirrors and releasing the rubber mirror boots between the mirrors and body to expose the nose cone bolts on each side.

3/ Release the windscreen pressure by moving the retention handles into the open (UP) position… Remove the bolts securing the nose cone.  Take care to make sure the bolts do not drop into the body. 

TIP ! It is recommended to stuff a rag in the gap under the bolt so it does not drop down under the Tupperware.

Once bolts are removed, fold back mirrors to remove the nose cone, garnish and bolts/washers/mounts, and put the nose cone and all items in a safe place so as not to damage while working.  Be careful not to dislodge the rubber grommets where the nose cone bosses fit into the body.  Save all parts as you will be reusing some during install.
4/ Remove windscreen holder plate.  Keep all parts as some will be used in the reinstallation process
5/ Remove windscreen, and associated hardware.  Put aside in an organized manner, and then you are ready to begin the installation process.  On some models, you will have foam strips glued to the front of the bike which will have to be removed for the installation of the rail system.

There are many videos on the internet showing removal of the windscreen. Google will help you !

And there you are : a 'naked' Goldwing :-)


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