Dealer Conditions

To become ErgoMot X Screen and/or Rollin'Eyes dealer you have to meet several conditions, inter alia, you need to :
  • Be active in the motorcycle business.
  • Have a good commercial and technical knowledge of Goldwing and Goldwing accessories.
  • Have a decent known website and show our ErgoMot X Screen and/or Rollin'Eyes on your website.
  • Have the facility and staff to install our products OR provide e-mail and/or telephone support to those who want to install.
  • Buy at least one ErgoMot X Screen and/or Rollin'Eyes and build it up to your own bike.
  • Make all possible efforts to actively sell our ErgoMot X Screen and/or Rollin'Eyes.
  • Pay for your order, in advance, by bank transfer.
  • Pay for your shipment, in advance, by bank transfer.
  • Accept and pay 4,5% additional fee for payments by Credit Card / PayPal.
  • Recognise our intellectual property and the fact that ErgoMot owns several patents on our products, which you will not violate.
  • Accept the fact that technical details, pricing, terms & conditions can be changed at any time by ErgoMot, without prior notice.
  • Our products are Internationally protected by first Patent application nrs BE 2012/0527 & BE 2012/0532.

If you can agree with this, send your enquiry to tom at ergomot dot be.

We will investigate your enquiry, we will contact you and discuss. Please be aware we only want to work with serious and honnest people, with the real 'motorcycle spirit', ready to support your and our customers ! Under no circumstances we can be obliged to accept anyone as a dealer or distributor. We can refuse your application without reason.

Welcome, join the club !