Windshield Spare Parts

Spare parts, only available to our dealers/distributors AND people who already have one of our fine X Systems. The spare parts are ment as replacement for broken parts or for those who want to upgrade their existing X-System.

X-Screen parts are built on order. It can take up to 15 days before we ship your order, upon reception of your payment.


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GL1800 ErgoMot Clutch Pin
This ErgoMot Clutch Pin replaces the original Honda GL1800 pin in the clutch lever. On top of..
Micro Motor type P
for X-Systems : RIGHT (MASTER) motor (5 wires) in GL or DeLuxe version. Can NOT be used with ..
Micro Motor type S
for X-Systems : any motor (left or right) in Standard version OR left motor (2 wires) in GL o..
Standard electronics
pre-assembled cable for X-Standard : regular up/down switch with cabling and motor connectors. ..
X-Screen cleaner
Cleaner for our X-Screen. 100ml. In a small bottle, easy to take with you on the bike. ..
X-Screen only
X-Screen only. NO hardware included, is intended as replacement in case of accident. Can NOT be u..
Hardware V2 electric windshield
Contains the full hardware set to install the ErgoMot X-Screen, WITHOUT electronics, motors, cabl..
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