RE V4 1000 LED controller (Android)

RE V4 1000 LED controller (Android)
RE V4 1000 LED controller (Android)
Product Code: RE_1000_A
Availability: produced on order 2 - 3 weeks
Price: 367.00€
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1 controller does it all !   up to 1000 RE Led's !

While engine is running : Daytime running lights in the front, tail and brake lights in the rear, blink left and right.

With ignition key in accessories position : a fabulous light show ...

Show and colors can be modified by you, with our free phone app (android or iphone) over bluetooth.

This controller will drive up to max 1000 of our famous Rollin Eyes LED's, 250 per channel, channels are : front left, front right, rear left and rear right.

Inside the controller, easy connectors are already present for 5 RE (Rollin Eyes) devices (strips, rings or moldings) PER CHANNEL, so inside the controller you can hook up 20 RE devices.

No more need of amplifiers, everything in one case, to be installed in the trunk , against the left wall of the trunk. No more counting, no more calculations, no more cabling issues.

Only 160x95x55 mm (6,30 x 3,74 x 2,16 inch) No amplifier can be added to the 1000LED controller!!

Once everything is connected, you can close the lid with the 4 supplied little screws, all Rollin Eyes flat cables come out at one side.

Is delivered WITH the neccessary 'Wire to vehicle kit' to connect to cruise lights, brake light and blinkers left and right.


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